Partial Dentures

Losing your teeth or even just one tooth can be a scary, painful, or even embarrassing. With the gentle and experienced care at West Brazos Dental Center, tooth loss doesn’t have to be scary or difficult. We are here to give you the personal and gentle care you need. We provide multiple treatments for tooth loss, including custom-made partial dentures.

Partial Dentures Used in Tooth Loss

Missing teeth can be painful and affect the function of your teeth as well as their structure. To keep your teeth working properly and prevent further tooth loss, your dentist might recommend partial dentures.

These dentures are used when only one or a few teeth are missing and not for a full arch of teeth. Partial dentures are made up of a removable plate with a replacement tooth or teeth attached to the plate. They are easily removed and easy to care for.

Dangers of Missing Teeth

When even one tooth is lost, it leaves a gap where plaque, debris, bacteria, and infections can grow. As the decay grows, it can attack your teeth, gums, jaw bone, and even your blood stream.

If left alone, tooth loss can lead to further tooth loss or increased decay. Leaving a missing tooth untreated can lead to various serious issues and conditions, including:

Early Aging

Weakened Jaw Bone Structure

Painful Chewing

Difficulty Speaking

Decay of Other Teeth

Increased Tooth Loss

Gum Disease

Early Aging

Exposure of Nerves to Bacteria and Infection

If you have even one missing tooth, seek dental care immediately. It could save your other teeth and your health.

Partial Dentures Q & A

How Do Partial Dentures Restore Your Teeth?

A lost or missing tooth creates a gap in your smile. While this gap can make you feel self-conscious, it can also weaken the structure of your teeth. A partial denture restores this structure by using a removable plate with the dental restoration attached.

The plate stays in place by being fastened onto remaining teeth. You can remove your partials while you sleep and for regular cleanings throughout the day.

Professionally crafted partial dentures can last from 5 to 10 years, with proper care.

Can I Use Partial Dentures?

If you have a few missing teeth or even just one missing tooth, you are a good candidate for partials. Your trusted dentist in West Columbia, TX will discuss all the options available for treating your tooth loss.

At West Brazos Dental Center, we treat each patient with focused and gentle care. Your dental needs and preferences are always included in our treatment plans.

Crafting Partial Dentures for Comfort & Ease

The process for getting partial dentures is simple and easy.

First, our gentle staff at West Brazos Dental Center will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. We will discuss different options and choices for your treatment to give you the most comfortable and natural looking smile available.

We will gently take a precise impression of your teeth. This impression will be sent to a lab that specializes in dental appliances.

Once the partial dentures have been crafted, our staff will have you come into the office for a fitting. During your fitting, the dentist will work with you to carefully place the partials inside your mouth. They will check the fit, feel, and appearance of your new partials.

At first, your partial dentures may feel a little clumsy or awkward, but the adjustment period takes a short time. Also, your teeth and dental health will begin to improve almost instantly. So will your confidence.

Your comfort and dental health are very important to us, so be sure to contact us right away with any questions or concerns.

Get the Smile You Want with Partial Dentures

Don’t let a missing tooth keep you from sharing your smile. Your trusted dentist in West Columbia, TX is here to help you craft the smile you’ve been missing. If you have any tooth loss, call us today at 979-345-1023 to schedule an appointment. We’ll make your smile complete with natural looking and beautiful partial dentures.

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