Pay Online

Whether you’re receiving treatment for general dentistry, orthodontics, or, crowns, paying your bill at West Brazos Dental Center is as easy as booking a dental appointment.

Need Help With Dental Care Financing?

We at West Brazos Dental Center offer a simple solution to keeping track of your dental costs, without the hassle of endless paperwork. With West Brazos Dental Center Bill Pay feature, you can view and pay your statements online, at any time, and all in one place — no more paper statements.


• Quick — pay any statement in minutes

• Save money — avoid the cost of stamps and checks

• View — view past statements online and save them to your computer for your reference

• One-time payment — use the unique myEasyMatchSM code on your statement to make a payment without logging in to your account

• Go green — no more paper statements. Receive your statements via e-mail and help the environment

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